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Benefits of NAPO Membership

"Being a member of NAPO-St. Louis has had a profound positive impact on my business and career as a Professional Organizer. Through my experience with NAPO-St. Louis, I have been encouraged, supported, cheered on, instructed, guided, and I feel like I belong in this industry. NAPO-St. Louis is a welcoming and supportive group. I'm blessed to say that many of the business relationships I've developed at NAPO-St. Louis have since become friendships as well. I can't imagine trying to be a Professional Organizer in St. Louis and not being a member of NAPO-St. Louis." - Julie Hough, Past Chapter Member
The programs at our chapter meetings (on the odd-numbered months) offer opportunities to learn about local resources, business development, and organizing methodologies.

NAPO-St. Louis invests in its members’ continuing education by providing access to NAPO National conference recordings. The recordings provide the opportunity to learn more about the organizing and productivity industry, as well as marketing and other business development topics.


The NAPO-St. Louis lending library allows members to borrow CDs from past NAPO conferences and ICD conferences. Additionally, chapter members have collaborated on a list of favorite books, CDs, and other learning resources on organizing topics that they are willing to lend to fellow members.
"NAPO-St. Louis has made a tremendous difference in my life and my business. I walked into my first meeting thinking this might be something that I want to pursue, and left knowing that this was my calling. It was great to know that I had a network of people I can go to who want to help me succeed and who are willing to share their knowledge and experience with me. I have made many great friends there and my membership has helped me to grow my business so much faster than I could have done on my own." - Shannon Zipoy, Past Chapter Member 
Personal and Professional Support
NAPO members are highly supportive of each other. By joining NAPO-St. Louis, you have the opportunity to network with other members at our chapter meetings and socials in a non-competitive atmosphere. Fellow members offer help, support, referrals, and collaboration.
"As one of the original chapter members, I so value the support and collaboration I have received from NAPO-St. Louis members over the years. I haven't encountered a business problem I couldn't solve with the help of my NAPO colleagues. I require the independent contractors I use on my organizing teams to be NAPO-St. Louis members. Chapter meetings are a great starting point for that relationship." - Janine Adams, Chapter Member                   
Leadership Opportunities
In addition to the opportunity to serve on our Chapter’s Board, NAPO-St. Louis is always seeking volunteers for various chapter activities. Some of these volunteer positions include serving on a committee, while others are micro-volunteer opportunities that require a small time commitment.  By volunteering to help in our chapter, you gain valuable leadership skills, increase networking opportunities, and grow your own business by adding new skills to your toolkit.  As our national colleague, Barbara Hemphill, says, “Together, we are better!”
Increased Credibility and Visibility
As NAPO membership skyrockets, its position as "The Organizing Authority" solidifies. As a NAPO-St. Louis member, your local visibility as a NAPO member is magnified. Our chapter meetings and programs enhance your knowledge of local organizing related resources, making you an even better resource for your clients.                                    

"The best thing I did for my business was to join NAPO-St. Louis. Being a chapter member gives me visibility and credibility in the community, as well as networking opportunities with fellow organizers who share my love of organizing. Our chapter members provide a wealth of information and inspiration, encourage each other to succeed, and help educate and promote our industry to future clients throughout the Greater St. Louis area!"  - Jodi Granok, Chapter Member   

Chapter Socials
On the even-numbered months, members get together for two hours of fun at a member's home or a local restaurant. This is an informal way to get to know fellow members, share knowledge, and brainstorm new ideas for our businesses and for our chapter.
"For me, being a NAPO-St. Louis chapter member has built my confidence level to a new high. There is a tremendous amount of knowledge I have gained just by having the social relationship with fellow members. I know I can go to any member and ask their advice without feeling like I am competing against them." - Stacey Cheek, Past Chapter Member 
Chapter Website
Being listed on the NAPO-St. Louis website is a key referral source for our members!  Our website provides the public easy access to NAPO members and helps them understand why hiring a NAPO organizer is a good idea. NAPO-St. Louis members are included in the Find an Organizer searchable directory. 
"As a member of NAPO-St. Louis, I have realized increased business in a number of ways. One way is that new potential clients can find me through the 'Find an Organizer' page on the website. The link to my website on this page increases SEO and drives more traffic to my website. Another way is that members refer clients to other NAPO organizers. This happens when the potential client is located out of their service area, or when the client needs a specialty service that they don't provide. It still amazes me how my NAPO-St. Louis colleagues help each other grow their businesses, even through we are actually competitors! Together we ARE better!" - Sally Morgan, Chapter Member 

Chapter Forums     
The NAPO-St. Louis chapter has an electronic forum, which allows members the digital opportunity to ask questions of their peers, compare notes, and share resources. 
"Organized Times" Newsletter
The chapter newsletter, Organized Times, is an excellent resource for NAPO-St. Louis members. Learn trade secrets on how to build your business, as well as information on the latest training and education opportunities. A chapter member is profiled in each issue, giving you the opportunity to get to know fellow NAPO-St. Louis members better. The newsletter also includes a calendar of events, meeting news (in case you miss one), and much more!  

If you are serious about becoming a Professional Organizer or Productivity Consultant, we encourage you to come to our next chapter meeting. Details about our meetings can always be found on the home page of our website. Click here to apply for membership.

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