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Benefits of Business Partner Membership

"Our Business Partner Membership with NAPO-St. Louis has greatly improved our sales and company as a whole. Not only do we benefit from the referrals from Professional Organizers that are members of NAPO-St. Louis, we also get great advice on developing and growing our business from the chapter meeting program speakers. Our company also gets great exposure and branding through public events sponsored by NAPO-St. Louis." - Briana Gerler, Past Business Partner  
Network with Organizing Industry Professionals
NAPO-St. Louis Business Partners are invited to attend chapter meetings, events, and socials. Our chapter meetings (on the odd-numbered months) and programs enhance your knowledge of local organizing-related resources, making you an even better resource for your clients. Our socials (on the even-numbered months) provide an informal way to network with organizing and productivity industry professionals, share knowledge, and brainstorm new ideas for your business. 

Showcase Your Business
Business Partners are given the opportunity to showcase their business to NAPO-St. Louis members and at public events sponsored by NAPO-St. Louis. Business Partners are invited to sponsor one meeting each year and give a 10-minute talk to attendees.
Increased Credibility and Visibility
As NAPO membership skyrockets, its position as "The Organizing Authority" solidifies. As a NAPO-St. Louis Business Partner, your company information will be included in our Business Partner Directory which increases the visibility of your organizing-related product or service. As a business partner you may also display the NAPO-St. Louis logo on your marketing materials, business website, and business cards. 

Chapter Website
The NAPO-St. Louis website gives the public easy access to NAPO-St. Louis Business Partners by identifying Business Partners as supporters of NAPO-St. Louis and as a local source for organizing-related products and services. Being listed on our chapter website is a key referral source for all our members!

Leadership Opportunities

In addition to the opportunity to serve on our Chapter’s Board, NAPO-St. Louis is always seeking volunteers for various chapter activities. Some of these volunteer positions include serving on a committee, while others are micro-volunteer opportunities that require a small time commitment. By volunteering to help in our chapter, you gain valuable leadership skills, increase networking opportunities, and grow your own business by adding new skills to your toolkit.

Chapter Socials

On the even-numbered months, members get together for two hours of fun at a member's home or a local restaurant. This is an informal way to get to know fellow members, share knowledge, and brainstorm new ideas for our businesses and for our chapter. 

The programs at our chapter meetings offer opportunities to learn about local resources, business development, and organizing methodologies.           

NAPO-St. Louis invests in its members’ continuing education by providing access to NAPO National conference recordings. The recordings provide the opportunity for Business Partners to learn more about the organizing and productivity industry, as well as marketing and other business development topics.

Chapter Forums            

The NAPO-St. Louis chapter has an electronic forum, which allows Business Partners the opportunity to ask questions of NAPO-St. Louis members and fellow Business Partners, compare notes, and share resources. 

"Organized Times" Newsletter
The chapter newsletter, Organized Times, is an excellent resource for NAPO-St. Louis members. One Business Partner is profiled in each issue, giving you the opportunity to tell NAPO-St. Louis members more about your business. 


If you believe that your product or service is an asset to our industry, we hope that you will become a Business Partner of NAPO-St. Louis, because we believe that together, we are better! Click here to apply for membership.

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