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What is ShoeCrew Water Projects?

ShoeCrew Water Projects
 is a work of Eagle Wings Ministries, a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit charity, working to alleviate as much human suffering as possible. 

ShoeCrew Water Projects picks up shoes year-round.  Once collected, the shoes are given a second life when the ShoeCrew exports the donated shoes to retailers in the developing world. 

The resale of shoes provides jobs and affordable footwear.  Funds generated from the export of shoes provides well drilling rigs, water purification systems, and hand pump repair micro businesses bringing clean, fresh water to 
those who thirst.

Why did NAPO-St. Louis become involved with ShoeCrew Water Projects?

Our 2011-2012 Board of Directors defined one of our goals as finding a community service partner where we could contribute our time and talents.  A few board members researched which organizations would best fit what we as and organization do, and we came up with an original list of 12 groups.

After narrowing down the list several times, ShoeCrew Water Projects (originally known as Shoeman Water Projects) was the first organization we decided to contact.  Several of our members met with ShoeCrew and knew right away that they were the best partner for our chapter.

Are we really making a difference by just collecting and donating shoes?

Absolutely!  In fact, in February 2012 Christianity Today published an article called "Cost-Effective Compassion: The 10 Most Popular Strategies for Helping the Poor."

This article was based on the research of economists from many of the most prestigious universities in America, and it found that the top-ranked method to help the poor is to get clean water to rural villages.  By collecting and donating shoes, we will be helping to provide many thousands of impoverished people with clean water.

How can the public help?
  • As you declutter your home, tie any pairs of shoes (must be a pair) together with the shoelaces or use a twist tie or rubber band to keep the pairs together.

  • Put all of the shoes in bags (please do not use boxes)

  • Take the bags of shoes to a shoe drop location near you!

  • The Shoeman Water Projects' headquarters is located at 65 Chesterfield Mall, Chesterfield, MO 63017.

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